Posted by: simssocialzone | September 14, 2011

Astonish Theme Furniture

Few days ago, The Sims Social introduced New Theme Furniture which is the Astonish Theme, they released more or less 20 Furniture.

 Here are the list of the Astonish Themed Furniture Set.

Furniture Category Price House Value Information
Tripod Stand Decoration 9 SC 1350 WARNING: electrical components, do not water.
Astonish Sol Decoration 9 SC 1350 Automatically detects your mood and adjusts accordingly.
Astonish Modesty Decoration, Living Room 19 SC 2800 Guaranteed for life, timeless for eternity.
Life Times Decoration 1250 Astonish Limited Collector’s Piece #2 of 4.
Astonish Pin Decoration 1200 SP 3300 Bedside reading will never be the same again.
Astonish Crux 6000 Decoration 6000 S 4350 The fulcrum of every amazing room.
Exodus Decoration 3500 SP 7550 Astonish Limited Collector’s Piece #3 of 4.
Liquid Decoration 7200 S 5050 Astonish Limited Collector’s Piece #4 of 4.
Astonish Blink Decoration 8000 S 5450 Don’t miss it.
Plain Decoration 12500 S 7400 Astonish Limited Collector’s Piece #1 of 4.
Circle Decoration 10000 SP 11000 Harsh lines reflect the fragility of the circle of life.
Astonish Progress Living Room 35SC 5150 Indestructible titanium plating for dangerous office environments.
Astonish Class Living Room 5500 SP 9800 Nothing says class like Class says class. (+3 Sleep)
Astonish Exec Living Room 12000 S 7200 Style. Comfort. Majesty.
Astonish Ember Decoration, Living Room 25000 S 9800 That’s not combustion, it’s photons. And this is the future.
Astonish Sidearm Bedroom 6500 S 4650 Don’t get into your bed without it.
Astonish Swift Bedroom 7500 S 5200 The perfect companion to the famous Sidearm.
Astonish Arsenal Bedroom 10000 S 6400  Categorically NOT flat packed.
Astonish Emperor Bedroom 7500 SP 10550 Fit for a king? Pah! (+11 Sleep)


  • When you purchased: Astonish Emperor, Astonish Arsenal, Astonish Swift, Astonish Sidearm, Astonish Ember, Astonish Blink and Astonish Crux 6000, you are required to build it first.
  • Life Times requires Level 35 Art Skill

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