Posted by: simssocialzone | September 14, 2011

The Crafting Guide

Crafting is used to Craft Items from Raw Ingredients to a Product that has special purposes or required for a specific quest task. Some Ingredients can be exchanged to Simoleons, Energy and Experience.

How to Craft? On the right bottom side of the Sims Menu, there is a Crafting Button (beside the Shop Icon).

Here are the list of  the Product that can be crafted, required Ingredients and  the ways how you can obtain them.

Product Ingredients
+5 Energy x8 Goodwill x7 Love x3 Buzz
Replenish 5 Energy Friendly Social Interactions Romantic Social Interactions Fullfill Fun
Fun Potion x1 Relaxation x1 Entertainment x1 Buzz
Instantly Boost Fun Fulfill Fun Fulfill Fun Fulfill Fun
Magic Soap x1 Soapsuds x1 Rubber Duckie x1 Sponge
Instantly Boost Hygiene Fulfill Hygiene Fulfill Hygiene Fulfill Hygiene
Good Night’s Sleep x1 Dreams x1 Night Cap x1 Soft Pillow
Instantly Satisfy Sleep Sleep Fulfill Sleep Fulfill Sleep
Insta-Snack x1 Nutty-Snack Bar Leftovers Delicious Morsel
Instantly Satisfy Hunger Fulfill Hunger Fulfill Hunger Fulfill Hunger
Inspired Potion x5 Muse x5 Love x8 Goodwill
Instantly Become Inspire Do Art and Music Skill Romantic Social Interactions Friendly Social Interactions
Bad Mood Potion x2 Fury x2 Wrench x1 Leftovers
Instantly Have a Bad Mood Mean Social Interactions Repair Items Fulfill Hunger
Repair Collection x3 Wood x2 Nails x2 Hammers
Exchange for 200 Simoleons and 50 XP Repair Items Repair Items
Cleaning Collection x4 Cloth x4 Rubber Glove x4 Duster
Exchange for 150 Simoleons and +3 Energy Clean Items Clean Items Clean Items

Feel Free to Correct any Mistakes and Inaccuracies by posting a comment below 🙂



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