Posted by: simssocialzone | September 15, 2011

Country Kitchen Theme Furniture

With Today’s Update, The Sims Social introduced a new theme — The Country Kitchen Theme and released tons of  new Country style Living Room Chairs and Sofa, Country Kitchen Furniture, decorations and more. Here is the complete list of the newly released furniture.

Image Furniture Price House Value Category
FrancoFaux Chaise 225 SP 500 Living Room, Decorations
Asseyez-vouz mon ami!
Normanity Chair 450 SP 1050 Living Room, Decorations
You’re not still sitting in THAT old thing are you? Upgrade today! Build (Materials: ?? ??) [Requires Level 11]
FrancoFaux Cafe 650 SP 1600 Living Room
Oh it’s “café”? Well it’s too late now. Go FrancoFaux. Build (Materials: ?? ??) [Requires Level 14]
Normanity Sofa 700 SP 1750 Living Room, Decorations
When the Normans conquered England they brought these with them. Thanks Normans! Build (Materials: ?? ??) [+3 Sleep] Requires Level 11
FrancoFaux Tableau 800 SP 2050 Living Room
You don’t have to speak French to eat French. Build (Materials: ?? ??)
RuralU Latch 1100 SP 3100 Living Room
Build (Materials: ?? ??) [Requires Level 13]
  19th Century Mat 19 SC 2800 Decoration
Part 3 of 4 of this exclusive collection of genuine 1800s items.
  Perfecto Fruitbowl 4 SC 600 Decoration
“The nicest fruitbowl we’ve ever seen. Don’t forget to eat your veg too.” – Our moms.
  Antiquitate Deco 3 SC 450 Decoration
Certified 19th century antique components. Apart from the lightbulb. Requires Level 10
  19th Century Lamp 10 SC 1500 Decoration
Part 1 of 4 of this exclusive collection of genuine 1800s items.
  19th Century Pot 19 SC 2800 Decoration
Part 2 of 4 of this exclusive collection of genuine 1800s items.
  Plate Collection 4 SC 600 Decoration, Kitchen
Whatever you do don’t eat off these priceless plates. Requires 11 Cooking Skill
  Cereal Shelf 250 SP 550 Decoration, Kitchen
Only 2 sugar pixels in every pixellated bite. Requires 12 Cooking Skill
  Clox Fruitful 350 SP 800 Decoration
Includes alarms to remind you have your 5 a day!
  Antiquitate Oil 325 SP 700 Decoration
When all the oil’s used up we’ll be back to these things. No wait…
  Vintage Wines 6 SC 900 Kitchen
A selection of the world’s rarest wines for the discerning Sim. Requires 9 Cooking Skill
  RuralU Delux C 10 SC 1500 Kitchen
We’ve got the ultimate in kitchen luxury cornered. Requires Level 10
  Basinuate Marble 12 SC 1750 Kitchen
When in the bathroom do as Romans do. Wash in marble. [+5 Hygiene]
  RuralU Trove 600 SP 1450 Kitchen
See those handles? Brass. See that wood? Some kind of special wood. Requires Level 10
  RuralU Delux 12 SC 1750 Kitchen
The last word in kitchen counter luxury, i.e. “luxury”. Requires Level 10
  RuralU Charm 800 SP 2050 Kitchen
Harnesses incredible “wall mount” and “glass” technology. Requires Level 10
  SuxDelux 3650 Kitchen
It really really really sucks! Requires 40 Cooking Skill
  G King Counter 15000 SP 21250 Kitchen
Imagine: one click and you have the most luxurious kitchen on the block. [+3 Fun]
  19th Century Window 39 SC 5750 Window
Part 4 of 4 of this exclusive collection of genuine 1800s items.
  RealOak 2 Pane 750 S 650 Window
  RealOak 1L Pane 5500 S 4050 Window
  RealOak 2L Pane 1850 S 1700 Window
  RealOak 4 Pane 4000 S 3050 Window
  RealOak 5 Pane 6000 S 4350 Window
  RuralU Aqua 15 SP Tiles
  RuralU Marble 20 SP Tiles
  Hand Carved Tile 2 SC Tiles
  Vici Milan 60 SP Wallpaper
  Vici Rome 60 SP Wallpaper
  Vici Turin 85 SP Wallpaper
  Astonish Embossed 7 SC Wallpaper
  Astonish Beauty 7 SC Wallpaper


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