Posted by: simssocialzone | September 15, 2011

Free Pompeii Fireplace

The Sims Social gave away a wonderful gift again:

“Brave the cold with this FREE Pompeii Fireplace. Thanks for Liking us! Enjoy!”

Pompeii Fireplace (that cost 45 Sim Cash on the actual price) will boost your House Value by 6650!

Claim your Free Pompeii Fireplace Here! Please don’t forget to leave a comment below.

Haven’t still claimed the other 12 Free Gifts? Grab them now before the links will expire! Refer to this Link



  1. nc po

  2. very good!!

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  5. Thanks! Ya’ll are great!

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  9. thank you so much 😀 links are all working :))

  10. like this!

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  12. 🙂

  13. let’s try this!!!

  14. tyyyyyyyyy

  15. ty o much

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