Posted by: simssocialzone | September 16, 2011

Aquatix Delux

Maybe some of you still doesn’t noticed yet the Aquatix Delux (Aquarium) that has been released and can only be seen on Decorations Tab at Page 15, We can also remember that Clockit Noir Fish Tank existed (accidentally released on the shop for 50 Social Points) last month and some of the players has the chance to purchase it, but then it was immediately removed from the shop.


This Aquatix Delux cost 6000 SP and will boost your House Value by 11850 and also gives +3 Fun and + 3 Social. You can find this item on the Decorations Tab – Page 15!



  1. nice

  2. i bought for 50 socialpoints

  3. nice

  4. it is so expensive

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