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Traits Guide

Traits are the personalities assigned to your Sims that gives your Sims with unique abilities and determines your Sims behavior. Traits can be purchase using Lifetime Points and have multiple levels which cost increasing amount per level. Each Traits has different effects, additional features and more interacting options to other things. For instance, Insane Level 2 unlocks an option to Talk to Bushes, Plants and Trees.

Here is the list of the current existing Traits.

Traits Levels

Slob – Slobs are relatively unconcerned by mess and even thrive in filth much to other Sims’ dismay

Level 1 – Less concerned by low hygiene.
Level 2 – Even less concerned by poor hygiene.
Level 3 – Who needs a toilet when you have a shower or bath?
Level 4 – The kind of slob other slobs aspire to be.
 Steel Bladder

Steel Bladder – Stay inspired longer with less bathroom breaks

Level 1 – Can hold on for longer than average.
Level 2 – Can hold for even longer.
Level 3 – Can hold for longer still.
Level 4 – Can hold on for inuman lengths of time.
Level 5 – A titan among practicers of bladder control.

Neat – Put the fast in fastidious, they love keeping things clean and do it without delay.

Level 1 – Faster than average at cleaning and smart enough to wash their hands.
Level 2 – Doesn’t just clean faster than usual, they have fun doing it.
Level 3 – Even faster at cleaning.
Level 4 – Sometimes this Sim can gives things a polish too.
Level 5 – A supreme cleaning machine.
Super Mechanic

Super Mechanic – The kind of Sim you could lock in a garage and they’d come smashing out in a car made of hammers.

Level 1 – Repairs faster than average.
Level 2 – Repairs faster than average and has fun doing it.
Level 3 – Repairs even faster than average.
Level 4 – Repairs faster still.
Level 5 – Repairs in the blink of an eye. Well almost.

Insane – Insane Sims may be silly,dangerous or downright bonkers but they’re never, ever dull.

Level 1 – Watch for flailing arms.
Level 2 – You see a plant, they see someone to talk to.
Level 3 – You can eat your own shoe!
Level 4 – Sometimes the best conversation is with yourself.

Ogre – The very last Sim you’d ever, ever want to invite to a dinner party, Ever.

Level 1 – Burps and farts when left to their own devices.
Level 2 – Doesn’t care about water puddles and is a flatulant sleeper.
Level 3 – Can insult others with flatulence.
Level 4 – Kicks out a Super Fart so thick you can see it.
Level 5 – Not affected by dirt and could clear a room in seconds.

Ninja – Just like ninjas of old, super fast and able to teleport.

Level 1 – Walks faster than normal. Sometimes in a particulary ninja kind of way.
Level 2 – Walks even faster and sometimes even ninja-teleports.
Level 3 – Walks faster still and is even more likely to teleport.
Level 4 – Walks extremely fast and is more likely again to teleport.
Level 5 – A ninja among ninjas.
Great Kisser

Great Kisser – Great kissers tend to have more success than the rest.

Level 1 – Less likely to get a slap in the face for a kiss than average.
Level 2 – Kiss with confidence.
Level 3 – In a relationship? Try the exclusive Steamy Make Out.
Level 4 – Effortless kisser.
Level 5 – Kissing is a weapon this Sim wields with devastating effect.
Night Owl

Night Owl – Stay inspired longer as Night Owl Sims need less sleep than the most.

Level 1 – Can stay awake longer.
Level 2 – Can stay awake even longer.
Level 3 – Can stay awake longer still.
Level 4 – Can stay awake an inhuman amount of time.
Level 5 – What is this sleep you speak of?

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