Posted by: simssocialzone | September 20, 2011

Female Hairstyle on Character Customization

A Unique Female Hairstyle that can only be seen when you first create a Sims using Randomize Character Customization. This is maybe a bug or a mistake from the developers. The Sims Social may possibly be releasing this Hairstyle in the near future on the Character Customize Shop. Check this Hair Style with different colors below.

Please Note that these unreleased items have no official release date or guarantee that they will be released on The Sims Social and are subject to change without prior notice.



  1. you can get that hair ever since it started. just click on randomize and hope that the hair appears. lol

  2. my bad, didn’t read the whole thing lmaolmao

  3. ty….

  4. can i get this even if I had a character? maybe not 😦

  5. I has that hair. *O*

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